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It must have been about 3 years ago that we discovered the deliciousness that is Little Bird and their amazing coffee and pastries. My Facebook memories these days are filled with Doug and I, sitting in the sunlit bakery. It was a only a ten minute walk from our house, and the variety of pastries we had yet to try kept calling us back. Since then, our lives have changed …continue…

Turkey Chili

Finished chili

  Another week of preparing food for my babies group, and I decided to go a little healthier than the previous week’s Lasagna.  But no less delicious, I might add.  Doug is not a fan of chili, because of the beans, so I mush the beans a little, to make it feel less beany, and add some kale, to make it feel more soupy.  The turkey really lightens this dish …continue…

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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


  In our birthing class we were told, when you go into labour, usually the doctor wants you to hang at home until your contractions are a certain amount apart and other criteria that I have blocked out at this point.  They said, pack your final items, rest, and bake cookies for the nurses.  I thought that sounded crazy.  Well, my water broke around 3pm, and the only thing I …continue…

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

2015-10-20 14.13.14

When my husband asked me to make him these cookies, I read the recipe and decided not to tell him they were gluten free.  They sounded delicious, and I didn’t want him to change his mind without trying them first.  I love to bake, but until I got pregnant, a little over a year ago, I really wasn’t into sweets, so I didn’t bake as much as I wanted too.  …continue…

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Lasagna sauce a simmerin'

We have a six month old, and I am lucky enough to stay home with her for the time being.  Even without working, I find it hard to make it to the grocery store, and get dinner on the table with a screaming (it’s a happy, I found my voice, kind of scream) baby.  I asked my babies group if they were interested in me making them dinner, hey, I …continue…

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